Programs for Adults

Music activates both the right and left hemispheres, and to our brain it is like eating chocolate. Dr. Gene Cohen, George Washington University.

Vocal or Instrumental Lessons

If you want to take a break from your intense work pace, return to music lessons that you abandoned at childhood, take a step towards a new adventure or give yourself a present. You can start to learn music. Piano, flute, classical guitar, electric guitar, bass guitar, drums and vocal lessons with BT advanced beginner methods give you the opportunity of fast learning and playing. We schedule the individual classes according to the intense pace of the adults. We also offer short-term or lesson based instrument lessons. You do not need to have a special skill or musical ear to begin the program. Lessons are by appointment and start at noon during week days. In case of absence, the lesson has to be cancelled 24 hours in advance.

Club Dance

Why should children always have fun? We have created short-term dance classes for our adult parents who love dancing and high adrenalin; you can learn the moves of stars such as Shakira, Lady Gaga and Madonna, and discover how to express yourself through body language. Learning coordination, synchronizing with music and choreography will make you feel like one of those stars on stage. We are not looking for previous dance experience to participate in the program. Lessons are in the evening during week days. We suggest comfortable attire for this lesson. Extracurricular Activities


During the semester break the usual schedule of individual and group lessons change. Our students gain different experiences by participating in workshops. During the holiday we offer the opportunity to participate in individual and group lessons that cover many different themes. Our students try playing different instruments, listen to conferences on the history and types of music, and participate in intensive studies on theory and compara- tive workshops. Parents are also welcome to join our semester workshops, free of charge.


Our music students bring to an end their year long studies with a concert and real stage experience. These concerts help them gain life experiences such as self-confidence and the ability to express themselves in front of crowds. It is of utmost importance to us that this experience is positive and motivating for our students. Our very young and new comers perform twice a year to increase performing experience, while our older student body performs at the end of academic year.

Musical Theatre department stages the musicals they have been working on during the year, at the year-end performance which takes place in June. It is not easy for any one to sing, act and dance on stage, in front of a crowd. Our students overcome this with their strong presence on stage and transfer this experience to their daily and academic lives, gaining an important achievement in personal improvement.

Performing Arts Education Summer Camp, Ages 7-12

The intensive work during the academic year comes to an end at the end of June at a week-long summer camp where music and water sports blend together. We take music education out of classroom format on to a vacation setting. Our goal is to create a community of young talents, the expe- rience of bonding through shared interests away from home in a beautiful seaside setting. eThe camp ends with a performance staged by our students to all the clients of the hotel, on a professional stage.

Lunch Break Concerts

Seminars Concerts and seminars we organize for the parents bring a different meaning to lunch-breaks. We meet with the parents who need a breath of fresh air from work, at the concert concert hall of our school in Levent, between 13.10-13.40. The schedules and details pertaining to these activities are announced at the beginning of the semester. Workshops Our school organizes seminars on music and subjects regarding self-impro- vement. We invite local and foreign guests. While subjects are more adult-oriented, we also hold seminars that can be attended as a family. Classi- cal Music Tales, Family Theater The Classical Music Tales book series created in collaboration with our institution have been transferred to stage with the cooperation of ENKA Culture and Arts Foundation, each season we perform for our students the life and music of one composer on stage. Vivaldi - 4 Seasons and Johann Strauss – Invitation to the Dance are among our live music performances. These classical music tales, a series for the whole family, are both entertaining and educative, and make you daydream and ponder at the same time. International Music Excursions Our excursions are aimed at giving our students the chance to watch performing arts at leading centers in the world and to integrate this experience with their studies. Parents also join us on these tours. Our 3-day international excursions take place during the spring break of schools. The main idea behind these tours is to take education out of the classroom and turn it into a life long experience that will always be remembered. Students who participate in these excursions also perform at the famous concert halls of the country that they are visiting. What could be more magical than to give a recital in Prague, in the hall where Mozart wrote his music? To listen to Beethovens 9th Symphony performed by the Berlin Philharmonic Orchestra conducted by Simon Rattle, to create the sculptures of Giocometti at the Louisiana Museum of Modern Art in Copenhagen, to watch a ballet by Maurice Bejart in Vienna, to spend the night at the girls boarding school in Venice, where Vivaldi composed the 4 Seasons, to watch Bols- hoi in Moscow, to participate in a unique custom designed workshop from the Scottish National Orchestra; to join teachers of the school for gifted musicians in a workshop; these are all lasting memories that will become more valuable in time. These music tours take place with the participation of parents.