Certificate Programs

Our school, as of January 2006, is the representative, training and exam center of the London College of Music, under University of west London. LCM is an internationally accredited certificate, assessment and evaluation system, and compared to other exam systems, it is the only one that is under the umbrella of a university. The British Ministry of Education (DFEE) exams, for all levels and diploma levels, are accredited worldwide. LCM aims at creating international goals for students in their preferred field of education, and to be a differentiating factor in their applica- tions to universities abroad. London College of Music examinations feature 8 levels and are designed to be completed by the end of high school. They also offer opportunities to obtain a university level (Associate-Graduate-Post Graduate) diploma. The teacher and management decide on the exam level the students should take. A student who completes the 8th level is accepted as a graduate of a music high school worldwide.

Instrument exams take place in the following categories:

  • Piano
  • Singing
  • Classical guitar
  • Electric guitar
  • All string instruments
  • Woodwind instruments
  • Brass instruments
  • Drums
  • Musical theater
  • Rock group
  • Pre-instrument early age music education

LCM exams exist for groups as well: Rock group, choir and duet.

LCM exams have programs to evaluate pre-school children starting at age 3.

LCM exams also encompass students who take part in theater and musicals.

Advanced exam categories

  • ALCM – Associate
  • LLCM - Licentiate
  • Fellowship