Individual Lessons

Individual instrument lessons

  • Piyano
  • Keman
  • Cello
  • Classical guitar
  • Electric guitar
  • Bass guitar
  • Drums
  • Flute
  • Clarinet
  • Pop vocal
  • Singing

What do Individual Instrument lessons include?

  • Integration meetings with parents, where the goal and improvement of student are discussed
  • In accordance with the set goals, preparing original education programs and syllabus for student
  • Using BT Education Method Books, and achievement certificate
  • 40 or 55 minutes long one-on-one private lessons
  • Group ear-training, theory and history of music lesson
  • User account for parent and student on web site
  • Communicating to parent the program sequence
  • Communicating to parent weekly lesson commentaries and evaluations
  • Term improvement report
  • Student recitals
  • Performance opportunities
  • Limitless participation in periodical workshops
  • Free participation in educational and concert panels organized by the institution
  • Education counseling to students who wish to study music and performance arts abroad
  • Letter of recommendation for admission to universities abroad

Individual Lesson: Beginner Level

This lesson comprises 40 minutes individual instrument, 45 minutes group ear-training and history of music lessons. We recommend this lesson for students who are just getting to know their instrument; who are too young for our intense music program; or for those who only want to experience the pleasure of playing an instrument without having to go through tests and evaluations.

Individual Lesson: Advanced level

This lesson comprises 55 minutes instrument, 45 minutes group solfege, theory and history of music lessons, and preparation for exams. We recommend the intense music program to our students who wish to participate in the West London University, London College of Music Certificate Program, in order to gain internationally accredited evaluation for their development. Students who are pursuing scholarships can use these certifi- cates and diplomas as reference in applying to British, Canadian and American universities. Participating in the London College of Music certificate and diploma program can only be possible after at least one year of study at BT Music and Performing Arts with the recommendation of the school principal.