Mission and Goals


Our mission is to achieve an education program based on learning instead of memorization and teaching.

  • To focus on learning instead of teaching
  • To ensure the active participation of our students in the education process in order to help them take on responsibility
  • To help our students develop their questioning and analyzing skills
  • To support their skills to explore, understand, internalize and interpret with imagination
  • To give them the learning skills that will support multiple intelligence
  • To shape the education program with learning models that suit our students
  • To make sure they pay equal importance to analytical thinking and emotional skills
  • To teach the students to express themselves and learn to connect with people through music, theater and dance
  • To help develop synchronization and coordination between the brain and the body
  • To raise students who are successful on international platforms
  • To help them develop social responsibility skills on their way to becoming an artist

Our students gain:

  • Success in their personal, social and academic life
  • Creative and analytical thinking ability
  • Analyzing, synthesizing and evaluating skills
  • Communication skills
  • Intensive listening skills and increased concentration
  • To over-come hardship and develop self-confidence
  • Motivation based on success
  • Patience and discipline
  • Enhanced math and foreign language learning

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