BT Müzikevi - Müzik ve Tiyatro Yaşam Merkezi
Project partners

  • University of West London, London College of Musicli
  • Ohio Kent State University
  • The Flying Gorillas, UK
  • The European Union
  • UNDP, United Nations
  • DreamBox, China
  • Theodora Foundation
  • Save the Children
  • TOCEV for Autism
  • IZEV for Autism
  • CYDD for education
  • TOCEV for education
  • +65 Foundation for the Elderly
  • Social Services Child Protection Agency

University of West London, London College of Music After signing an agreement in 2006 with the London College of Music, which is under the umbrella of a university, our institution has become the representative, education and exam center. Ohio Kent State University We have signed a MOU-Memorandum of Understanding with Ohio Kent State University in 2005. Within the context of this academic protocol, our students who meet the basic criteria of the university have priority of acceptance to the music faculty. Flying Gorillas Since 2011 we have been cooperating with Flying Gorillas, a British origin theater-education group, in teacher and student training programs. We continue our projects with this non-verbal dance theater group that uses only body language to communicate. European Union In 2011, we trained 200 teachers and 150 students with a E.U. prog- ram called Baby Lion. We also took part in social responsibility projects of the Governor of Diyarbakir, Istanbul Child Protection Agency and the United Nations. Social Partners In our efforts to create awareness on social responsibility issues, we have joined forces with our teachers, students and their parents. We visit the music departments of state schools in Istanbul and Southeastern Turkey to make suggestions, and if requested, give training within our field of expertise. We work in Istanbul and in the Southeastern region with underprivileged, mentally and physically handicapped children and adolescents. Campaigns and activities we have taken part in

Donating the funds from BT education books to the Foundation of the Mentally Handicapped-IZEV in Istanbul, Giving financial support for building an elevator at the Sariyer rehabilitation branch of IZEV, by organizing a campaign I Am Just Different, Sending books, clothes and toys to the regions in need, Collecting the necessary gear for the campaign You Can Help One Child Ski, to help underprivileged children in Sarikamis, Bitlis and Erzurum, in order for them to become successful athletes in the future, A benefit concert organized by the Theodora Foundation, with Bilkent Symphony Orchestra and soloist Benal Tanrisever, for cancer patient children, Theater workshops for the teachers and students at the Diyarbakir Social Services and Child Protection Agency Theater workshop at the Bahcelievler Social Services and Child Protection Agency, Center for the Mentally Disabled, Benefit campaign for the Sisli branch of the Association for the Support of Contemporary Living (ÇYDD), Save the Children International Aid Foundation benefit concert for the children effected by the tsunami in Japan Benefit concert organized through the Van National Education Directorate, for the Erciyes earthquake, Campaign to purchase an electric wheel chair for a paraplegic child, Support to the Tuvana Foundation for Children Who Want to Go to School (TOÇEV) campaign “Make a Difference.” Grant scholarships to TOHUM Otizm Foundation students for individual music lessons.