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Our Education Book Series Our age appropriate method books of contemporary music education meet the needs of children, and provide the basis of individual instrument education. Our music department has published 11 education books. All our education books are designed by observing the age and development of students, and contain technical, theoretical and musical tools to ensure their fast development. Our education books also include CDs. Our students receive their achievement certificate following a final exam consisting of 4 instrumental pieces. BT Education Books

  • Series Piano Education Book I
  • Piano Education Book II
  • Piano Education Book III
  • Piano Education Book IV
  • Advanced Beginner Piano Education Book
  • World Classics Piano I
  • World Classics Piano II
  • Classical Guitar Education Book I
  • Classical Guitar Education Book II
  • Electric Guitar Education Book
  • Drums Education Book
  • Song Book I
  • Song Book II Classical Music Tales with Mr. Major

Classical Music Tales

The much acclaimed, best selling children’s books, won “ the Most Creative Book of the Year Award” have reached out to over 1 million readers. The books introduce children to the most important composers of classical music, Bach, Vivaldi, Mozart, Beethoven, Tchaikovsky, Chopin and Johann Strauss as well as ballets like Swan Lake, Don Quixote, Sleeping Beauty and Nut Cracker . The Classical Music Tales is a joint project of our founder and International Egmont Publications. These are books to be enjoyed by the whole family, learning the lives and works of classical music geniuses in fun and intriguing story lines. Customized for the 5-12 years, the books are pedagogically designed to capture the interest of the target group. The audio CD makes the book available to be utilized in a car ride or as night time story listening or for those curious young minds who cannot read but can learn by listening. Following the musical journey that you will embark under the guidance of the main character, Mr. Music the questions at the end of each book helps to reinforce the information. The books are popular and widely used in music lessons at K-12 schools, accompanied with their power point and worksheet to make them attracti- ve for students and teachers alike.