BT Müzikevi - Müzik ve Tiyatro Yaşam Merkezi
Welcome to BT Music and Performing Arts!

Numerous scientific studies have shown that children who experience music and performing arts are more successful both in school and in society. This is the unchanging mission of our school since it was founded in 1997; to ensure that music and performing arts become a permanent part in the lives of students, and compliment their lives with critical and creative thinking, communication and expression skills. In our world today, these are essential elements that support personal , emotional and social development are of utmost importance. Academic achievement alone is not suffi- cient to become a successful and happy individual, possessing leadership skills.

Our students, young and adult enjoy, understand and feel our unique and innovative methods of education, which are in accordance with our missi- on. We believe, contrary to customary approaches, that anyone without a special talent can play an instrument, and can acquire the necessary skills to express themselves through music, theater and dance. We have designed the BT Education Program and BT Educational Publications to support academic success, multiple intelligence and learning. As a musician, teaching artist working with children for over 30 years, one of my primary responsibilities is intensive, continuous teacher training. Our teaching staff are trained in our teaching methodologies and are expert coaches in guiding our students in the learning process and have pedagogic formation.

Education is a collaboration process that takes place between student-teacher-parent. The strong communication between all parties involved, carry great importance and value in the success of our students. The improvement evaluation is reported to the parent on a weekly basis and a detailed report is submitted development at the end of each semester, as well 2 end of term reports to highlight the progress. We invite you and to join us and experience our programs, available for every age and level.

Hope to see you and your family, in the magical and life changing world of music, theater and dance.

Benal Tanrisever Simsek Ph.D Founder